With a minimal VOC (Volitile Organic Compounds) Renner Wood Coatings is on the front line on enviromentally friendly technology. Complying with the strictest of standards in enviromental and workplace health.

Free of toxic substances, Renner products represent the peak of safety for manufactures and end user alike. Furnishing a home with furniture coated with Renner means you are caring for the health and safety of the enviroment, as well as the people who live in it. In addition to having a “Bio” soul, Renner waterbased coatings brings beauty and prestige to any wood accessory.

 Key Features 

  • Quick Dry time
  • Stacks 4 hrs
  • Easy to Sand
  • No Thinner for Reducing or Cleaning
  • Low to No V.O.C.
  • Lower Insurance Cost
  • High Build
  • No Haps
  • Excellent Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
  • More Durable
  • No More Moisture Issues 
  • No Off-Gassing

Renner carries a full line of Waterbase products that include but aren't limited to clear, white, primers, and exterior.

Walls Alive can do custom color for the Renner Waterbase products, but this does take time to perfect the color match.

We also carry exterior, UV and rollcoat Renner products!

Come in and see one of our staff members to get the correct product to fit your needs.

Walls Alive Diamond Lacquer & Stain

Diamond Lacquers

Diamond lacquers are available in a pre-cat and post-cat clear lacquers, whites and primers.  Diamond Lacquer, like its namesake, is very durable. 

Walls Alive can do custom lacquer colors, pre-thinned, ready to spray with  excellent sand ability.


Diamond Custom Stains

At Walls Alive we have custom blended an interior finishing stain that exceeds industry standards. Our master tinters can custom match the colors you require for your millwork or cabinetry specifications.

Walls Alive Custom Stain has the following benefits:

  • Fast drying
  • Easy touchup and sanding
  • Works well with a variety of topcoats

We do custom stain matches but they do take time to get an accurate match as well as we need a sample of the color and wood that is being stained.

Walls Alive has a variety of matched samples on Oak, Maple, Cherry or Walnut that our clients can choose from and can take away that same day.


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